Embark on a transformative journey of self-reclamation and empowered health. This holistic course is intentionally created to lead you on a path of rediscovery and deep connection, providing you with a multi-faceted understanding of all the pillars of your wellbeing. Focusing on foundational wellness principles, mindfulness modalities, mindset training, nutrition, and hormonal health, this course was born from a deep desire to see women not just survive, but thrive in vibrant health. On this journey, you will rekindle a profound connection to your inner power as a woman, all while harmonizing your hormones and offering optimal support to yourself. This course is a catalyst for life-changing transformation, where you'll learn to cultivate an inner wellspring of resourcefulness and resilience, empowering you to navigate any challenges life may present. It's time to embrace your radiant essence and step into a life of thriving, guided by the wisdom that resides within you.

Samantha Brooke

Holistic Coach

Samantha is dedicated to empowering women on their journey of self-discovery and transformation. With expertise in the mind-body connection, she guides women towards a profound reconnection with their inner selves.

Carmen Fourie

Fertility Awareness Expert

Carmen is a fertility nerd who deep dove into all things related to the female cycle. She’s done extensive reading and put her knowledge to the test on herself over several years of implementing fertility awareness. She has subsequently helped many women cultivate an awareness of their cycle & fertility.

Jacqui Niehaus


Jacqui is a former biostatistician turned women’s wellness coach and nutritionist. Her goal is to empower women to understand more about their hormone cycles and how they can use nutrient-dense, whole foods as a way to nourish their bodies and bring balance back to their health.

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This self-paced, online course will guide you in

  • Supporting your nervous system, cultivating body appreciation, and embracing your inner rhythms

  • Understanding your menstrual cycle and using the Fertility Awareness Method

  • Nourishing your body to support a thriving metabolism

  • Creating a lifestyle and environment where you can flourish

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